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Business Studies Report Card Comments

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Ben (an excellent student in all areas)

Ben is a very conscientious student and he made a big effort to achieve his goals. He took advantage of homework to consolidate his learning and he was a lively participant in activities with other students.

Ben has a very sound understanding of the business concepts covered on the course. He defines business principles with perfect accuracy and he remembers all the formulae required. He performs numerical calculations skilfully.

Ben's marks in application are high and he makes extensive reference to the case scenario at hand when answering questions. Ben is thorough in his treatment of detail and he exhibits excellent depth of thought.

Ben has an impressive aptitude for analysis. He makes use of important terminology effectively and his answers are very well structured. Ben develops his arguments in a coherent and orderly style.

Ben is balanced and critical in his evaluation and he intelligently targets the most important factors. Ben's answers show a real appreciation of the business context and his judgements are always plausibly backed up.


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Laura (a student of mixed abilities)

Laura is a well motivated student and she concentrated hard during lessons. Unfortunately, her homework was rarely completed appropriately but she was always fully involved in whole-class activities.

Laura's grasp of business concepts is largely secure. She has learnt business definitions with care and she is conversant with the simpler formulae covered on the course. Revision of numerical calculations would now be beneficial for Laura.

Laura's ability to apply her knowledge is developing and she refers diligently to relevant aspects of case scenarios in her answers. Laura has an eye for detail and her depth of thought is commendable.

Laura analyses business scenarios with adequate skill. She uses terminology expertly and she structures her answers in a relatively systematic way. Further work on coherent development of arguments would now be helpful.

Critical evaluation is an area to improve for Laura, though she is able to focus on the key issues with some prompting. Laura must now think harder about the business context when answering and justify her views convincingly.

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Joseph (a weak student)

Joseph has shown little commitment to his learning and he has demonstrated a lack of effort during lessons. He did not take much care over his homework and he could contribute more during class activities.

Joseph does not yet have a clear understanding of the business concepts covered. He is able to give definitions for the main business principles but he must become conversant with the formulae covered on the course. Further study of numerical calculations would also be beneficial.

Joseph's application of his knowledge is an area for improvement as he does not refer to relevant aspects of case scenarios in his answers. 

Joseph appreciates the importance of details in measure but he must now explore problems more deeply.

Analysis is a skill which Joseph is yet to master fully. He does not use terminology appropriately and he needs to structure his answers in a more systematic way. Joseph would also benefit from practice developing coherent arguments.

Joseph is not currently balanced or critical enough in his evaluation, though he is able to identify key issues when prompted. Joseph would now do well to think more carefully about the business context and back up his judgements effectively.

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