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Anna (an excellent student in all areas)

Anna handles reading tasks exceptionally well and her recent work shows substantial development of her ability. She is able to skim-read quickly and effectively. Anna skilfully extracts relevant points from passages and she shows impressive insight when interpreting what she reads.

Anna's writing has been particularly impressive in recent weeks and she has advanced her skill in this area admirably. She constructs readable, coherent English sentences and she keeps her English largely free from spelling inaccuracies. She makes excellent use of punctuation in her work.

Listening is one of Anna's real strengths and she has taken full advantage of every chance to practise. She picks up the gist of listening texts successfully and she pays excellent attention to specific details. Anna can handle many different types of content during listening activities.

Anna is an outstanding oral communicator and she has improved very quickly since the beginning of the course. She takes great care to minimise errors in her speaking and maintains a beautifully fluent style at the same time. Her pronunciation is clear and precise.


During the course, Anna has demonstrated a strong command of grammar and she has improved greatly in recent lessons. She has an in-depth knowledge of many grammatical rules and constructions. She also incorporates the structures she has learnt into her writing and speaking with excellent accuracy.

Anna has an outstanding vocabulary for her level of English and she is adding new words to it every day. Her vocabulary covers a very broad range of different topics and contexts. She is also able to deploy words accurately and appropriately when communicating.


Anna has been an enthusiastic member of the class and she worked extremely hard during lessons. She took advantage of homework to consolidate her learning and she was a lively participant in activities with other students.


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2) Gustavo (a student of mixed abilities)

Gustavo reads well at this level and he is gradually developing his understanding of English text. However, he will need to work on skim-reading texts more effectively in his future studies. That said, Gustavo can pinpoint important areas of text by scanning and he analyses texts with a degree of insight.

Gustavo's writing is competent and he has worked hard to extend and improve his writing skills. His written English sometimes flows quite naturally and his spelling skills are well developed. He now needs to consider punctuation rules in more detail.


Listening is an area in which Gustavo is confident but he is capable of better progress if he applies himself. He sometimes listens for the gist of a script successfully and he notes specific details competently. Gustavo can listen equally well to a range of audio material.

Gustavo finds spoken communication hard but he is progressing at a good rate. He speaks with a moderate level of accuracy and now needs to work on communicating with greater fluency. He should also pay close attention to pronunciation when learning vocabulary.


Gustavo has a good command of grammar and he has obviously learnt from the material presented in class. His knowledge and understanding of different structures is adequate. He also uses the structures he knows correctly in conversation and on paper.

Gustavo has developed a fair-sized vocabulary for this level and he has learnt many new words during lessons. Nevertheless, his vocabulary needs to cover a bigger range of different topics and contexts. On the other hand, he understands quite well how to deploy words naturally and accurately.


Gustavo has been a reasonably active member of the class and he worked moderately hard during lessons. He completed his homework to a satisfactory standard and he made helpful contributions during class activities.


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3) Tom (a weak student)


Tom's reading skills are not yet secure and he has made little progress in his understanding of English text. In spite of this, he can sometimes use skim-reading to pick up the main ideas of a text. Tom currently finds scanning for detail challenging and he ought to practise reading texts carefully to understand their meaning.


Tom has been writing to a reasonable standard during this course but he has made limited progress in this area. He must practise in order to make his writing more coherent but he spells familiar words with reasonable accuracy. He now needs to ensure his work is properly punctuated.

Listening is an area in which Tom is not yet confident and he must try to make more progress in order to maximise his ability. However, he can understand the basic meaning of easier listening scripts and he must now pay more attention to important details. Furthermore, Tom would benefit from expanding the range of audio material he can handle.

Tom expresses himself adequately when speaking and he has improved steadily since the beginning of the course. Despite that, he must start to minimise errors in his speaking while practising to develop a more natural pace and rhythm. A little more study of pronunciation would also be worthwhile

Tom does not yet have sufficient command of grammar and he has not absorbed new material effectively. He needs to increase his understanding of grammatical rules and constructions. He should also practise using the structures he knows correctly in conversation and on paper.

Tom's English is currently limited by his weak vocabulary but he is progressively adding new words to it. Nevertheless, he needs to broaden his vocabulary to enable him to cope in a greater variety of contexts. He also ought to practise using the words he knows in an appropriate and natural way.

Tom has approached parts of the course with enthusiasm and he made an effort to advance his skills. Unfortunately, he did not take advantage of homework to revise new language and he would benefit from involving himself more in whole-class exercises.

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