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Primary Report Card Comments

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English - Writing
Helena's English composition skills are well developed and she makes appropriate use of structure in her work.  Her grasp of spelling requires consolidation, though she adds some of the right punctuation to her writing.  The presentation of Helena's work is enhanced by her handwriting.

English - Reading
Helena demonstrates excellent fluency in her reading while taking care to maintain accuracy at the same time.  She grasps the meaning of some of what she is reading and she uses inference successfully to gain more insight into the text.  Helena is usually able to respond thoughtfully to the texts she has read.

English - Speaking and Listening
Helena shows confidence when speaking to others and there is a fair degree of clarity about the way she articulates her thoughts.  She listens carefully to what others say and she contributes well to group discussions.  When taking part in role play or acting activities, Helena shows some talent for drama.

Helena has a good command of the four mathematical operations.  She uses mental methods with some success to solve calculations and she knows her times tables well.  At present, Helena finds more complex questions which require written methods quite difficult though her problem solving skills are adequate.  During activities involving shapes and measure, she has picked up the important concepts and she is very comfortable using charts and tables to present data.

Helena has learned a lot from the science topics we have covered and her wide vocabulary enables her to explain her ideas.  In spite of this, she could be more careful in planning her investigations and her awareness of the principles of fair testing needs consolidation.  However, Helena is accurate when taking measurements and she records her observations diligently.  She is usually able to evaluate her results sensibly.

Helena's geographical work has demonstrated that she needs to work on her knowledge and understanding of this subject.  Aside from that, she uses technical words correctly to explain most concepts and her enquiry and investigation skills are sound.  She is able to present her findings with real clarity.

Helena's grasp of chronological sequence is mature and she can remember some of the historical information covered in class.  When confronted with historical enquiry tasks, Helena has been extremely insightful and she is convincing in the way she conveys her views to others.

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