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Nicolas (an excellent student in all areas)


Nicolas has been reading a variety of texts with great confidence and his hard work during the course has had a very positive impact. He makes very effective use of skim-reading to establish the key ideas in a text. Nicolas scans passages expertly for important information and he shows impressive understanding when analysing texts in depth.

Nicolas's writing has been particularly impressive in recent weeks and he has greatly improved his ability to produce clear written language. His written Spanish flows very naturally and he makes very few spelling mistakes. His work reveals a sound appreciation for the principles of Spanish punctuation.

Nicolas shows great aptitude for listening and he should be proud of the progress he has made. He successfully listens for the gist of a script and he pays excellent attention to specific details. Nicolas can comprehend a very broad spectrum of audio material.

Nicolas's spoken Spanish is very strong and he is becoming more proficient every day. He achieves a high level of accuracy in his speaking without losing natural fluency of style. He is able to pronounce most words very clearly.

Nicolas has mastered grammar at this level and he has engaged successfully with new material. He has a detailed understanding of many grammatical structures. He also incorporates the structures he has learnt into his writing and speaking with excellent accuracy.

Nicolas's vocabulary is a superb feature of his Spanish and he has massively increased the number of words he knows. The range of different topics his vocabulary includes is impressive. He also understands extremely well how to deploy words naturally and accurately.

Nicolas is a very well motivated student and he worked extremely hard during lessons. His homework was completed thoroughly and he participated fully in all whole-class exercises.


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Clara (a student of mixed abilities)


Clara reads well at this level and she has strengthened her reading techniques during the course. She can sometimes use skim-reading to pick up the main ideas of a text. Clara expertly locates details in reading passages but she requires further practice interpreting texts in depth.

Clara's writing is satisfactory for this level and she has worked hard to extend and improve her writing skills. Her written Spanish sometimes flows quite naturally but she ought to pay greater attention to spelling words accurately. She is aware of most punctuation rules and uses them appropriately.

Listening is an area in which Clara excels and she has taken advantage of chances to improve her techniques. She is quick to identify the overall point of a listening text and she answers questions about particular details expertly. Clara is able to deal with listening activities which contain some unfamiliar content.

Clara is an able speaker of Spanish but she has struggled to progress since beginning the course. Despite that, she makes few careless mistakes in her speaking while maintaining satisfactory fluency. She should now take every opportunity to improve her pronunciation.

Clara does not yet have sufficient command of grammar, though she has engaged quite successfully with new material. It is evident that her knowledge of certain structures requires expanding. However, she is capable of using the structures she knows correctly in conversation and on paper.

Clara's vocabulary is a pleasing feature of her Spanish and she is adding new words to it each week. She can access numerous topics because of the broad range of her vocabulary. Her choice of words when communicating is often natural and accurate.

Clara has approached the course with enthusiasm and she worked quite energetically from the beginning. Unfortunately, she did not hand in homework of a satisfactory quality but she made helpful contributions during class activities.

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Peter (a weak student)

Peter's reading skills are not yet secure but his study during the course has had a positive effect. However, he needs to improve his skim-reading in order to recognise the main point of a text quickly. Peter currently has difficulty scanning passages for important details and he must practise interpreting the meaning of texts carefully.

Peter's writing is weak for this level and his progress has been slow in this area. He has not yet achieved sufficient coherence in writing but he spells familiar words with reasonable accuracy. He should now check his punctuation more thoroughly.

Listening exercises at this level are manageable for Peter but he must take more advantage of chances to practise his techniques. He listens for the overall point of a script with some success and he should now try to note specific details more reliably. Furthermore, Peter is not yet able to deal with unfamiliar topics in listening activities.

Peter's spoken Spanish is limited but he is becoming more proficient with time and experience. Despite that, he needs to increase the accuracy of his speaking while developing his fluency. His pronunciation is mostly understandable but sometimes lacks clarity.

Peter is not familiar with enough grammar at this level and he has not benefited much from recent work in this area. He needs to know and understand grammatical constructions better. He should also try to make better use of what he knows in productive tasks.

Peter's vocabulary is quite a weak feature of his Spanish but he has enlarged it since joining the course. Nevertheless, his vocabulary needs to encompass a more varied range of topics and subjects. On the other hand, he has some understanding of how to deploy words naturally and accurately.

Peter is reasonably well motivated but he has been unable to focus during some lessons. He did not take much care over his homework but he participated effectively in whole-class exercises from time to time.


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